Turrón Cream, Saffron, Tahiti Vanilla & Dried Fruits

Turrón Cream, Saffron, Tahiti Vanilla & Dried Fruits

We have a high level of requirements for our chefs, it is for this reason that we offer them a selection of high quality gourmet products

Dried Apricots from Turkey

Anatolian Gold is the nickname given to apricots from the Malatya region of Turkey.

This region in central Turkey has ideal apricot weather.


5Kg carton box

DLC : 9 months



Dried Figs from Almoharin

Figs collected and dried in dryers sheltered by the Sierra de Almoharín.

Almoharin is known as the 'Fig Capital of the World' on account of these figs, which are green and smooth-textured.


5Kg carton box

DLC : 9 months


Artisanal Saffron of the Mancha DOP

Our Saffron is different because it is grown in La Mancha, an area geographically known as the best and largest production area in the world.


The Protected Designation of Origin La Mancha Saffron is not only a good natural coloring, aromatic and condiment in foods, desserts, infusions... mais it also has properties for health.


Quantity : 5g

DLC : 24 months



Tahiti Vanilla 'Grand Cru Bora Bora'

TAHITI vanilla is without comparison a high quality vanilla: shiny, oily, it has an aromatic bouquet unique in the world. The length in the mouth of Tahitian Hotu Vanilla vanilla is an asset prized by many great chefs who find real pleasure in flavoring their culinary creations with a thousand and one colors and flavors.


Concours 1001 Dégustations 2023 : Gold Medal


Size : 18-21 cm

Quantity : 19/24 pods

DLC : 24 months



Fried Marcona Almonds

The “queen of almond” has definitely a unique flavor. They are traditionally served after being fried in sunflower oil and sprinkled with sea salt.


5Kg bucket

DLC : 8 months


Pistachio Paste

80% toasted pistachios & 20% of sugar

1.5Kg plastic bot

DLC : 12 months



Tasty handmade Turrón Cream. Cooked with almonds of the Marcona variety. This cream is ideal in a dessert or to accompany your plates.


70% toasted Marcona almonds & 18% of orange blossom honey


1.5Kg plastic bot

or 5Kg Bucket

DLC : 12 months